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Long Live Regina
Regina Mills, Swan Queen and other obsessions
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Behind the scenes of the 4 Clone dance scene in Orphan Black 2x10 [x]

"Like any actor who understands the physicality of their character. And dance for me has always been the thing that has been my key towards differentiating the clones, so it was fairly natural. The one that took the most out of me was definitely Helena.She loves a good tune, as you can see. She loves to kick it on the dance floor." - Tatiana Maslany

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"watch this" they said

"it’ll be fun" they said

"i’m going to watch it" i said

this was not fun" i said

i’m emotionally ruined" i said

"hey watch this" i later said

They say if a crush lasts more than

4 months

you’re in love.
So what happens when
I’ve been infatuated with you

for 36 months?

Have I fallen in love with you

9 times?

Or have I just wasted
3 years
36 months
156 weeks
1092 days

craving you?

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"Regina! Regina? Regina!"  - "Emma"

God… with no context it sounds like porn…

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Just some reaction gifs sorry not sorry

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what girls look for in guys:

  • punk rock style
  • gruff
  • lion’s mane-like hair
  • a rockin’ bod
  • is not a guy
  • is sarah manning